„NAJLEPŠEJ VNUČKE“ box of lollipops, 20 x 6g
„NAJLEPŠEJ VNUČKE“ box of lollipops, 20 x 6g

„NAJLEPŠEJ VNUČKE“ box of lollipops, 20 x 6g

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The paper box contains 20 honey lollipops of the following flavours: raspberry, strawberry, lemon zest, lime and orange. The flavours are created by adding natural silicas, ground dried herbs, spices or fruits into the basic syrup mixture. The syrup mixture is made of unrefined cane cugar, Slovak honey and fresh lemon juice.

Each lollipop is individually wrapped in compostable foil, which contains all the necessary information, including the composition and expiration date. The box is decorated with resealable labels on both the front and the back and with a coloured ribbon on the to of the lid.

All the packaging is either recyclable or bio-degradable. By buying the box of lollipops you will support our region as the ingredients and the packaging are provided by local suppliers. The box of lollipops is ideal for anyone who cares about the composition and origin of the food they eat.


cane sugar, honey 8%, lemon juice

, ground dried herbs, fruit, spices depending on the particular flavour (raspberry, strawberry, lemon zest, and orange), 0.2%, natural silica depending on the particular flavour (lemon 0.1% or orange 0.2%)

Nutritional values per 100g:
Energy: 1661 kJ/397 kcal
Fat: 0‚1 g
of which saturates: < 0‚1 g
Carbohydrates: 98‚3 g
of which sugars: 97‚2 g
Protein: 0‚2 g
Salt: < 0‚1 g

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